Donations can be sent to the following address:

Bank: FNB
Type: Cheque
Account Number: 62385795996
Branch: 261550
Reference: “your nick”-WUG

If you want your donation to be directed for a specific highsite, please make sure to put so in the reference, if you would like your donation to be anonymous please also state so in the reference. All donations listed are from late October 2019 onwards.

User: Amount/Device: Project:
Twakkie RB960PGS PC Replacement
DES R500 Backup Funds
JLL R500 Backup Funds
Oso R500 Backup Funds
shock R500 Backup Funds Primarily Use For GH Unless Otherwise Notified
Amos R400 Backup Funds
Edwins R250 Backup Funds
A3AAN99 R200 Backup Funds
DES R200 Backup Funds
KoosP R100 Backup Funds