Things you must not do on PTAWUG

  • Hacking or Hackers of any sort will not be tolerated.
  • The use of any port scanners is forbidden.
  • Do not use the application called “The Dude” at any time!
  • Scanning for any services other than the ones listed (use the provided engines such as ffsearch to find files as users give permission to access their ftp servers by listing it).
  • Do not log in or attempt to log in on any PC or service which is not yours. We have strict instructions preventing you to log in.
  • If using non standard or High power radios on your equipment they must NOT be set to higher than the legal EIRP e.g. 18 dbm max!
  • Always think of PTAWUG as an entity. Never do anything that may have a negative effect on PTAWUG.
  • Marking of packets in order to obtain better throughput is not allowed. All wuggers should have equal opportunities thus only using traffic markings supplied on the wiki and provided by the highsites. To contravene this in order to derive personal benefit is diametrically opposed to everything PTAWUG stands for.
  • Don’t demand stuff from/be rude/piss off people that organize highsites, do a lot of work on highsites and improve the WUG. You might just cause a lot of kak for everyone. Many wuggers put in a lot of hours organizing highsites, putting up sites and maintaining sites, they do not get PAID for it, they are not employed by PTAWUG, treat them with respect.
  • Providing internet access as a “WUG service” is not allowed as it is against the PTAWUG constitution and also not allowed by ICASA.

Should you require something to be added to the above list? Please ensure that it is added to the comments of this page for approval first.