How To Join

Note: This may not be the right way for your highsite, you might need to use the R.A.S.P. route, which is simpler and gives you the choice. Please ask an admin or go2guy for info.

To join the Pretoria Wireless User Group is actually a LOT easier than what you will think.

It’s not all just antennas and climbing, but it’s not all just services the WUG has. It’s a community that you join and that you will always be welcome to.

There are a few things we need to understand first. You might sometimes get a second hand kit. Somebody might donate a kit to you. Remember though that your speed is highly determined on what kit you and your highsite run. Please always come on IRC or discuss with us on our “new users” Telegram Group or join us on IRC at #ptawugnew. Do NOT EVER buy kit without us working on the feasability of a link to a highsite. We can not be held responsible and will not be held responsible in all cases, as most places such as scoop allow you to return the product if you have not damaged it.

This is going to be summarized in a lot of “steps”. Sometimes even “steps” for those steps. We can’t always get it right but we can try our best, which we will be doing.

  • Determine your line of sight.

    • This will require you to register on
    • Afterwards you will need to create a location at the wugplotter tab
      • Please use a descriptive name that includes your nickname and maybe the area you live in – for example shockCenturion.
      • Please do NOT use spaces as this makes it impossible for us to use some tools to help you.
      • If you need help please ask on Telegram or IRC.
    • The “nearby” nodes you see are most likely not active, you will have to come to us on IRC or Telegram for us to help you to plot to the nearest highsite.
  • Now that the feasability of your link has been determined, you will know to where you will be connecting. You can ask us on IRC or Telegram to lend a kit. We will then assist you with a line of sight scan. To buy something you will never use is not going to help anybody!
  • Afterwards you will buy your kit. We recommend the Light Head Grid, but there are a few varients of it. However it’s a much better alternative to having an RB4xx with a box and cable and grid, it’s fully built-in. You can also get it for dealer price at scoop or miro as PTAWUG have accounts there. Please do not use any money on the accounts, just use it to take advantage of the dealer pricing.
  • Now that you have your kit, you need to align – if you need help maybe an admin or friendly user can help you out physically aligning to your nearest highsite.

  • After this you will have to connect to the highsite. From there we will configure your routerboard if we can access it and send you steps on how to work with your computers on the WUG. As well as how to use WUG and Internet at the same time (WUG DOES NOT PROVIDE INTERNET!).
  • You should be sorted then. However for any help contact [email protected] and we’ll all get the message and see if we can help!
  • We no longer really use Google Groups, and have found that instant forms of communication work best.


Regarding the kit you will need:

If your highsite supports 802.11ac and is actively using it (very very few):

Your options then are the XL LHG AC:

Or you can get the normal LHG AC:

If your highsite supports 802.11n (almost all do):

Your options are the XL LHG:

Or you can get the normal LHG:

The XL ones we recommend ONLY if your link is greater than 5km.

We look forward to seeing you on the WUG! – PTAWUG Staff