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PTAWUG Constitution

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PTAWUG Constitution



PTAWUG – Pretoria Wireless User Group

We, the WUG, hereby pronounce this document and its content
as our Constitution, that we will endeavour to abide by it, and
that we instate it as the only legal, enforceable and valid
agreement between the WUG and its members.
This constitution sets out the objectives, organization and general
conduct of PTAWUG, which is based upon democratic, fair, equal
and dignified principles and every member is required to read and
abide by the principles set out herein.

1. Definitions


A “WUG member”, “wugger” or “member” in this constitution shall be any person who has the animus or mindset to be part of the WUG, makes use of the WUG, or actively participates in the activities of the WUG.


The “WUG” or “wireless user group” shall be Pretoria Wireless User Group as well as any of its members.


The primary communications medium shall for all purposes be Internet Relay Chat (IRC), within the set out channels on the specified server. The usage of any other means of communication by members shall not be deemed official in terms of this constitution unless the contrary is proved.


An official WUG decision shall be any decision taken by, attempted by, proposed by or affected by any person or group of people, claiming to be taking, attempting, proposing or affecting the decision. This is in the capacity as representative or member of the WUG.


A “Highsite” as referred to in this constitution shall be a single location where donated equipment is installed in order to connect multiple members to a single entry point into the network and at the same time provide connectivity to the rest of the network.

PTAWUG April Network Status

PTAWUG April Network Status

Network status brings the following:

The users page reports 93 unique routerboards excluding highsite routerboards, in general families use the wug together so this is not much of an issue but it has increased from 75 last month.

The users not connected in two days is 73, which is between two and six months. We are working to get these users “back” and once not only these are back to start expanding again.

We require a Facebook and Twitter page manager, along with all other types of social networks. Anybody, do not be afraid of it – we welcome any of you PTAWUG members to help us once again.

PTAWUG on Google Groups – What Went Wrong

Many of the posts on Google Groups have not been answered. While I would like to answer each one of them I do not currently have the time and I will just be “bumping” dead posts.
So here’s what I would like to provide you with info as there has been a LOT of confusion regarding who to contact for what. In a short summary I will provide infomation on what’s still left of the WUG. Your posts and the reason there is/was no response. Where you can get IMMEDIATE support easily for wug-related stuff. Who to contact when desperate. Who the administrators are. What the plans for the WUG are in the future.