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PC Highsite – Donations Required

We have raised enough donations for a replacement and have done so! PC is back up and running within a week after all the donations and help!

Our Mikrotik RouterBoard RB2011 that was the core routerboard for the PC (Pretoria Central) Highsite was recently damaged. This is an essential piece of equipment, it specifically links AC, MQ and HF. It is the main North to South link, it also runs a mirror for the website.

To remedy the issue we require donations to buy a new Mikrotik RouterBoard RB2011iL-IN, this is the best, fastest and easiest way to get PC (Pretoria Central) back up and running, which will, in turn, fix the mirror, as well as fix the links for AC, MQ and HF highsites. The PTAWUG admins can not stress enough how important it is to link the WUG (Wireless User Group) back together.

The loss of this link has caused us to rely on TN (Teraco Network) solely for our North to South link. This has been a true test of the efficiency of TN and has shown how well it works while still not being maxed out, we have still at the same time had our CTWUG, JAWUG and RBWUG at our low latency. This has also been a true test of our filters that are there to prevent TN from causing routing issues.

All has worked well but we still urgently require that the RouterBoard at PC be replaced as soon as possible, and we require as many donations as possible. We also need to get more donations so that in the future we have enough money to buy such a kit as soon as possible and not have to wait.

PC Routerboard Damage

Damaged PC RouterBoard RB2011

PTAWUG Constitution

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PTAWUG Constitution



PTAWUG – Pretoria Wireless User Group

We, the WUG, hereby pronounce this document and its content
as our Constitution, that we will endeavour to abide by it, and
that we instate it as the only legal, enforceable and valid
agreement between the WUG and its members.
This constitution sets out the objectives, organization and general
conduct of PTAWUG, which is based upon democratic, fair, equal
and dignified principles and every member is required to read and
abide by the principles set out herein.

1. Definitions


A “WUG member”, “wugger” or “member” in this constitution shall be any person who has the animus or mindset to be part of the WUG, makes use of the WUG, or actively participates in the activities of the WUG.


The “WUG” or “wireless user group” shall be Pretoria Wireless User Group as well as any of its members.


The primary communications medium shall for all purposes be Internet Relay Chat (IRC), within the set out channels on the specified server. The usage of any other means of communication by members shall not be deemed official in terms of this constitution unless the contrary is proved.


An official WUG decision shall be any decision taken by, attempted by, proposed by or affected by any person or group of people, claiming to be taking, attempting, proposing or affecting the decision. This is in the capacity as representative or member of the WUG.


A “Highsite” as referred to in this constitution shall be a single location where donated equipment is installed in order to connect multiple members to a single entry point into the network and at the same time provide connectivity to the rest of the network.