PTAWUG on Google Groups – What Went Wrong

Many of the posts on Google Groups have not been answered. While I would like to answer each one of them I do not currently have the time and I will just be “bumping” dead posts.
So here’s what I would like to provide you with info as there has been a LOT of confusion regarding who to contact for what. In a short summary I will provide infomation on what’s still left of the WUG. Your posts and the reason there is/was no response. Where you can get IMMEDIATE support easily for wug-related stuff. Who to contact when desperate. Who the administrators are. What the plans for the WUG are in the future.

This was originally posted on!topic/ptawug-centurion-west/6yp4P2SlWVY – I felt it’s appropriate to have it here also.

1. Your Google Groups posts, and why they haven’t been answered?

I can’t speak for everybody, but I can speak for myself – I find Google Groups to be the least user-friendly communication system in existence. I check only my highsite’s group once a week – but my highsite users have my whatsapp and telegram details and they don’t even go through the pain of using Google Groups. Google Groups does not notify us in a easily visible manner, it’s simply among the 1000+ promotion emails in my gmail tab.
There are too many Google Groups that I can’t spend a few minutes catching up and helping. We want to help. and we aren’t even able to because of all of this. Please remember that the admins have lives. They are still very dedicated to the WUG but the way that Google Groups is currently set up (with me 18 Groups filled with 1000+ posts of which don’t follow any form of standard and many are simply “who do I contact”): DOES NOT WORK!
That is the answer as to why we have fallen behind on Google Groups. If you want instant support then read along please, I have spent a lot of time on this post.

2. Where do I actually get support while waiting on Google Groups?

You can get instant support on our IRC – You most likely will never get a response on Google Groups. The IRC Server has been modified and a second one is currently under way, along with them both being connected to a telegram group through a bot. We will respond rather quickly or will give you a time that we’ll be available or give you our telegram info. You can also join the group if you’re not getting support in time. Google Groups might still be useful for some highsites – I think it’s fair to say that Centurion (and even the most of the wug) isn’t dealing so well with Google Groups.
You can join IRC here:
On The Web OR you can set your IRC client to use If you’re not automatically placed in #ptawug then type /join #ptawug or just use the web version.
You can join the telegram group here:
Main Group: please share this with as many people as you can! There are staff here who are willing to help!
If you want to help new users then please join the #ptawug channel on IRC!

3. Who to contact when X happens?

Please contact us at [email protected] which will notify each admin’s address – but maybe have a look at the staff page before doing that. Other than that please join the telegram group, I can not stress it enough to be able to build a bigger community and to rebuild what was once there.

4. Who are the administrators?

Please refer to our staff page.

5. What are the WUG plans for the future?

This will probably be in the form of an updated wiki page. I am in the process of making a publicly accessible web wiki while keeping PTAWUG’s other content to the WUG. I am also going look at past ideas, and analyze them for future projects that the community can do.
Another page will contain this content one day.

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